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 Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

Championship Show - Saturday 15th July 2017


Judge Mrs Nikki Peterson (Troopersway)

Firstly I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Club on the kind invitation to judge what was a lovely entry of quality bitches alongside Miss Patricia Clayton (Barvae) judging dogs on the day.  Overall I found the bitches to be strong in the main with just a few observations regarding incorrect front movement.  Attention to nails would also be advantageous to further improve the presentation of feet for some exhibits.  Quality classes and in particular with the  youngsters with some promising hounds in future no doubt.  Many thanks to all fellow beaglers for bringing your hounds under me today and again thanks to the Club for an enjoyable day.


Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (0)

1st        Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Molly Coddled.  Ultra-smart black blanketed tri pup.  Appealing expression with dark eye, good stop, and excellent ear set into good length of neck.  Straight front into tight feet and with well laid shoulders through to level top line nicely held on the move with correct tail set, Excels in bone despite her young age.  Nice angulation used well to move away and back. Overall a nicely balanced pup with a bright future no doubt unfortunate to meet her kennel mate for BPB today.

2nd        Findlay’s Rhiconich Natalie;  Broken tri pup of larger mould than 1. Feminine head with a pleasing dark eye.  Good length of neck into correct shoulders, straight front, correct tight feet.  Level top line held, moved well despite making it difficult for her handler to get the best out of her today but overall a lovely feminine hound. 

3rd Philpott’s Charterwood  Shantelle

Puppy Bitch 6 (0)

1st         Jones and Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cumming. The one that well and truly caught my eye today.  Ultra-smart tri who had everything other than maturity as is expected of one of so young yet easily challenged others for her top awards today.  Beautiful head with a real melting expression, dark eye and excellent ear set.  Good length of neck from well laid back shoulders, round bone to tight and well-padded feet.  Good depth of chest, moderately coupled and a spot on top line to correct tail set. Front and rear construction excels providing the ability to move with reach and drive  aided by her excellent turn of stifle. Still raw as one would wish for her age but caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring and did not disappoint. Easily BPB, RBCC and BPIS.

2nd        Craig’s Davricard Honeybee.  Another promising puppy of larger mould to one but with good quality throughout.  Very feminine head, correct ear set with long leathers, good length of neck into a well laid shoulder.  Moved freely using strong fore and rear, longer coupled than one but overall a well-balanced puppy who was true moving without exaggeration.

3rd Philpotts   Charterwood Spangle

Junior Bitch 6 (0)

1st         Spavin’s Quincerhound Britney Of Dialynne Ultra smart black blanketed tri.  Pretty head with appealing expression and lovely dark eye.  Correct ear set with long leathers giving a soft expression. Good lay of shoulder into level top line held at all times.  Correct tail set and stern carried correctly.  Straight front with ample bone into tight feet.  Used her rear well to drive and moved well overall.  Well-handled and presented and worthy of winning a strong class of promising youngsters.

2nd        Jones & Jepsson’s Eardley Tish Hughes.  Another well-presented and elegant T/W bitch litter sister to BPIS.  Slightly larger mould than her little mate but with the same quality good bone, conformation and movement overall.  Pretty head with excellent ear set, length of leathers. Level top line to correct stern.  Good rear construction, another promising youngster in top condition.

3rd Dawson/Goodall/Harrison’s   Rundle Going for Gold

Yearling Bitch 8 (2)

1st     Criag’s Davricard Scilla. Elegant broken tri strikingly marked.  Lovely head with dark eye and good stop. Moderate length of neck to deep chest and well laid shoulder.  Level top line, short coupled.  Good bone to tight feet.  Nice turn of stifle, strong hocks used to move true both out and back, an overall compact and balanced hound well presented.

2nd        Philpott’s Charterwood Fantasy Island.  Very pretty TW bitch of lovely size who had caught my eye from ringside previously.  Very pretty head with strong pigmentation, nice length of neck to level top line. Good depth of chest, moderately coupled to well angulated rear with nice turn of stifle.  Nicely moving when settled, pretty bitch overall unlucky to meet class winner today.

3rd Mrs & Miss Banks  Forgebanks Queen Victoria 

Novice Bitch 6 (2)

1st         Dawson’s Rundle Going for Gold.  Feminine TW bitch with soft melting expression and dark eye, ear set correct.  Reasonable length of neck and level top line; acceptable bone down to correct feet.  Longer coupled bitch with good turn of stifle and much rear angulation.  Moved true and very well handled with her handler getting the best from her in the ring to take the class.

2nd        Banks’ Forgebanks Queen Victoria. Pretty Tri open marked tri bitch of correct size, nicely marked with correct ear set into good length of neck, level  top line to correct tail set.  Good bone throughout with deep chest and good spring of ribs. Bit mischievous for handler but overall a balanced free moving hound once she got going and settled.

3rd   Findlay’s Rhiconich Natalie

Graduate Bitch 9 (2)

1st        Parker’s Serenaker Elles Belles. Lovely sized Tri open marked bitch well-constructed.  Feminine head with nice eye, good stop and lovely long leathers set on correctly.  Nice flowing neck into level top line and to correct tail set.  Straight front with good bone and tight feet.  Good bend of stifle well  used to drive on the move, true moving.

2nd        Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Arina  Pretty TW bitch of longer mould than one.  Feminine head with dark round eye, good pigmentation to correct ear set.  Good lay of shoulder, acceptable top line to correct tail set.  Good turn of stifle, strong hocks, and nice driving action on the move.

3rd Dean’s Gempeni Ballet JW ShCM

Post Graduate Bitch 13 (4)

1st         Jones’ Clairdale Damia – Very pretty and compact TW bitch.  Pleasing head with long well set leathers.  Good length of neck into well laid shoulders covered well and with a level top line.  Excellent depth of chest, tight feet and round bone.  Good turn of stifle used to drive well to match her reaching action.  Overall a well-balanced hound true moving and smartly presented.

2nd        Vickers’ Stormapasture Jasmine of Rosroden. -   Very smart Tri, compact throughout and very balanced.  Soft expression just preferred head of 1. Good lay of shoulder with level top line.  Strong bone, tight feet, true moving and well-presented and handled.

Webster’s   Moonjoon Lily Of The Valleys For Houndscoast  

Mid Limit Bitch 10 (4)

1st        Caple’s Tregoniggie Colour of Magic  – Lovely sized open tri marked bitch.  Very balanced throughout with good bone.  Sort expression with moderate length of leathers. Correct shoulder lay into a level top line.  Short coupled with well-constructed rear assisted by a good turn of stifle.  On form here today and moved out well to take the class.

2nd        Webster’s Moonjoon Lilly Of The Valleys for Houndcoast - Pretty and very merry TW bitch in peak condition. Soft expression, acceptable ear set with nice length of neck.  Deep forechest with good spring of ribs, short coupled.  Compact and balanced and moving out free, at one with her handler.

3rd Dean’s Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM

Limit Bitch 10 (4)

1st         Havard’s Annavah Knick Knack – Very striking open tri bitch. Appealing head with sort expression, dark round eye, correct stop into good length of neck, well laid back shoulder with deep fore chest and level top line, longer coupled. Good round bone through to tight feet, moved with conviction true out and back using good firm rear construction and front reach, a balanced bitch sound throughout.

2nd        Craig’s Davricard Musetta -  Open tri bitch of lovely shape, compact and very balanced.  Feminine head with round dark eye, good stop and ear set spot on.  Good length of neck, deep forechest.  Nice out and back on the move using her turn of stifle well and true moving, strongly challenging 1 for the class.

3RD Jones and Jepson’s  Blunderhall Bone Fide From Eardley

Open Bitch 9 (3)

1st         Peak’s Ch Bayard Forget Me Knot JW – By far the strongest class of the day, hard to separate out the lovely exhibits but shining greatest this super TW bitch now rising three.  Super head construction, softest appealing expression with excellent ear set, correct stop and dark pigmentation.  Lovely head construction into good length of neck, well laid shoulders into deep forechest.  Strong bone, round and right down to tight and well-padded feet.  Good spring of ribs, top line level into correct tail set.  It is on the move she excels with good reach and drive using straight front, good turn of stifle and firm hocks to do so.  A true hound in every sense and worth of BCC and BIS as agreed by both judges without hesitation.

2nd Spavins Dialynne Just Ella – Another stunning balanced TW bitch with much to like.  Feminine head with good dark eye, correct stop and spot on ear set.  Nice neckline down to strong straight front and level top line.  In good condition overall well covered and strong quarters.  Deep chest with good spring of rib. Round bone down to tight feet.  Good turn of stifle used well.  Preferred the overall movement of 1 in this class today but nicely presented smart compact bitch and sure to have a bright future.

3rd Jones and Jepson’s Ch Eardley Jay Walking 

Veteran Bitch 11 (2)

1st         Deans’ Ir Ch  Barterhound Bouquet For Gempeni JW Sh CM – Almost 10 year old tri bitch open marked and in great shape.  Really nicely constructed with an appealing expression from her dark eye, correct stop and long close laying leathers.  A compact bitch who presents firm strong bone throughout.  Balanced with a level top line and correct tail set.  Nicely tracking up and moving true.  A strong class of lovely older bitches and this lovely hound and easy class winner based on her overall soundness and condition.

2nd        Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW Sh CM – Another lovely bitch of similar age to 1 and lots of similar qualities.  Very balanced tri bitch, good portions and nice angulation throughout.  Pretty head with soft expression, moderate length of neck, level top line.  Strong bone to tight feet.  Good turn of stifle moving well and very merry, aging well.

3rd Brown’s  Raimex Rowanberry  JW 

 Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

Open Show - 21st October 2017 


Thank you to my fellow committee members for asking me to judge this friendly show. More quality bitches than dogs with quality especially in the veterans. 

Minor Puppy Dog 1 (0 abs) 

1.  Closes’ Sparrowgill My Serenity, smart blanket tri, soft expression with super bone and feet, short coupled and moved well for a six month old baby. Please to award him BPD, BPIS. 

Puppy Dog 0 (0 abs) 

Junior Dog 7 (2 abs) 

1.  Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell, stylish dog, good bone, excellent feet and forechest, dark eye and moved well.  2. Lewis’ Fallowfield Interesting, similar to one, good neck and shoulder, bone and feet moved with drive and purpose. 

Novice Dog 1 (0 abs) 

1.  Harrison’s Newlin Orly, good bone, moved ok, darker eye would be better.     

Graduate Dog 1 (0 abs) 

1.  Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf, compact flashy tri with good bone and feet, dark eye, handled well.   

Post Graduate Dog 2 (0 abs) 

1.  Lewis’ Tesoros And Shea Manor Do Ya Think I’m Sexy In Fallowfield, smart compact flashy tri dog, super bone, soft expression, moved with drive and purpose.  2. Roberts’ Borest Cyclone, longer cast tri dog, nice head and good bone. 

Limit Dog 4 (1 abs) 

1. Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli, tan and white with super head, neck and shoulders, excellent bend of stifle, feet and bone, moved with drive and purpose. Pleased to award him RBD.    2. Hardisty’s Blunderhall Ray Of Hope, tan and white, more compact, excellent bone and feet, preferred the expression of 1. 

Open Dog 1 (0 abs) 1. Lewis’ Fallowfield Gigalo, jusdged this dog before and gave him a 1st, very smart blanket tri, super neck and shoulders, feet and bone, shows himself well. Please to award him BD and RBIS. 

Veteran Dog 2 (0 abs) 

1.  Parker and Stevens’ CH/IR CH & GER CH Serenaker Devil In Disguise, 11 years and still going like a train, moves with drive, excellent bone and feet in this compact tri dog.  2.  Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Lemon Verbena, Heirpied, 8 years old, bigger mould but good bone, excellent feet and moved with drive and purpose. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (0 abs) 

1.  Henningson and Dundas’ Chequer’s Countess May, tan and white, short coupled, 6 month old baby, dark eye, movement good for age.  Please to award her BPB  2. Brown’s Bournehouse Porchia, tri 6 month old baby, excellent bone and feet, needs more training. 

Puppy Bitch 3 (0 abs) 

1.  Brown’s Bournehouse Porchia.  2.  Moorby an Whites’s Merrilyn Sweetest Devotion, open marked tri bitch, longer cast than 1, excellent neck and shoulders, moved ok. 

Junior Bitch 5 (3 abs) 

1.  Hardisty’s Blunderhall Bootilicious, tan and white, balanced throughout, good neck and shoulder, good bone and feet.  2. Lennard‘s Butterow Quaver, mottle with a soft expression, good bone and moved with drive. 

Novice Bitch 4 (1 abs) 

1.  Lennard’s Butterow Quaver.  2.  Tofts’ Jarrowley Larkswood, blanket tri, short coupled, excellent bone and feet, didn’t want to show today though which was a shame. 

Graduate Bitch 2 (0 abs) 

1.  Goldberg’s Molesend Secret, tough class, both top class bitches, tan and white, excellent neck and shoulders, true movement back and forth, soft expression with dark eye. Please to award her RBB  2.  Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker ‘Elles Bells, flashy broken tri bitch with super neck and shoulder, pity she didn’t settle on the move. 

Post Graduate Bitch 4 (0 abs) 

1.  Arden’s Madika Spot On JW AW(B), tri bitch, excellent neck and shoulders, good outline, super bone and feet.  2. Hardisty’s Blunderhall Adora, compact blanket tri, excellent head, good bone and bend of stifle. 

Limit Bitch 2 (0 abs) 

1.  Caney’s Springpine Hot Gossip, scopey bitch with excellent movement, good neck and shoulders.  2.  Tofts’ Jarrowley Dazzle, didn’t stay in the ring to be critiqued. 

Open Bitch 5 (3 abs) 

1.  Lewis’ Fallowfield Grace, a bitch I have judged before and given first, tan and white with a head to die for, excellent neck and shoulder placement, moves with drive and purpose.  2. Parker and Stevens’ IR CH Serenaker Daydream, compact tri bitch with excellent bone and feet, preferred head of 1. 

Veteran Bitch 4 (1 abs) 

1.  Cottrell’s Eardley Merry Magdalane, 8 ½ years old, absolutely loved this bitch, showed her socks off, movement spot on, super outline, this is a Beagle and should be a champion. Delighted to award her BB, BVIS and BIS.  2.  Henningson and Dundas’ CH Julemark Hussy, 12 ½ years old tan and white, best front of the day, smaller mould than 1, moved a dream. 

Nick Morgan 


The Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

52nd Breed Championship Show

Saturday 27th August 2016






Judge: Mrs MARINA SCOTT(Belsmard)


1st - Lyndex Kieran

2nd - Charterwood Fortune

3rd - Fallowfield Chancer(AI)


1st - Dialynne Peter Piper

2nd - Tesoros and Shea Manor Do You Think I'm Sexy In Fallowfield

3rd - Troopersway Stewpid Cupid


1st - Summerlily Zero To Hero

2nd - Maruby's Dashing Darcy(imp.DK)


1st - Maruby's Dashing Darcy(imp DK)

2nd - Troopersway Gladiator


1st - Summerlily Zero to Hero


1st - Stormpasture Micky Finn

2nd - Maruby's Dashing Darcy(imp DK)

3rd - Jarrowley Devonport

Res - Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli Sh CM

VHC - Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud


1st - Shercroft Apollo JW

2nd - Borest Cyclone


1st - Rosanka Nolte JW

2nd - Julemark Trueman

3rd - Molesend Orlando(AI) JW

Res - Kernebridge Bombardier

VHC - Bjornhagen Lemon Verbena Sh CM


1st - Nedlaw Benedict with Maplelayne JW

2nd - Annavah Felix

3rd - Altajara Empire State In Fallowfield

Res - Stormpasture Trump's Image

VHC - Blunderhall Ray of Hope


1st - Davricard Brandon

2nd - Ch Serenaker Othello JW

3rd - Nedlaw Basil

Res - Ch Janfrey Randal upon Rundle JW Sh CM

VHC - Jarrowley Dashwood


1st - Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM

2nd - Ch Serenaker Trial by Magic

3rd - CH/IR & Germ CH Serenaker Devil In Deguise

Dog CC - Shercroft Apollo JW, Res Dog CC - Summerlily Zero to Hero                                      Best Puppy - Dialynne Peter Piper, Best Veteran Dog - Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW


Judge: Mrs JANE MAY(Janfrey)


1st - Davricard Hestor

2nd - Serenaker Daydream

3rd - Charterwood Fantasy Island

Res - Summerlily Ooh Betty

VHC - Raimex Reed Bunting


1st - Clairdale Damia

2nd - Gempeni Ballet

3rd - Dapperdawg Miss Chief

Res - Blitzlilie Winter is Coming


1st - Eardley Jay Walking

2nd - Davricard Musetta

3rd - Annavah Knack

Res - Divinebrae Pop My Cork

VHC - Fallowfield Topaz


1st - Eardley Merry Berry

2nd - Divinebrae Pop My Cork

3rd - Barterhound Gossip

Res - Shercroft Arina

VHC - Blunderhall Adora


1st - Clairdale Damia

2nd - Raimex Bunting

3rd - Gempeni Ballet


1st - Summerlily Made in Oz

2nd - Deaconfield Innocence

3rd - Barterhound Gossip

Res - Madika Spot On JW

VHC - Tiger Lily Blossom


1st - Annavah Allegro At Brigham

2nd - Deaconfield Innocence

3rd - Redcap Bella Sorella

Res - Serenaker Sogni D'Oro At Tacomadream Sh CM


1st - Lyndex Infinity

2nd - Annavah Honeydew

3rd- Clairdale Willomena Sh CM

Res - Gempeni Flower Girl JW Sh CM

VHC - Serenaker Sogni D'Oro At Tacomadream Sh CM


1st - Duffosee Nabrina With Dialynne

2nd - Nedlaw Beryl

3rd - Davricard Ballard

Res - Annavah Image

VHC - Pondsanwood Ruby In Fallowfield


1st - Ch Bayard Forget Me Knot JW

2nd - Ch Serenaker Fashion

3rd - Raimex Brittany JW

Res - Brigham Opal Ring

VHC - Deaconfied Gaiety


1st - Orchidvale Angelica Of Breskar Sh CM

2nd - Barterhound Razzle

3rd - Raimex Rowanberry JW

Res - Ir Ch Baterhound Bouquet For Gempeni JW Sh CM

VHC - Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

Bitch CC - Ch Bayard Forget Me Knot JW, Res Bitch CC - Eardley Jay Walking, Best Puppy - Davricard Hester, Best Veteran Bitch - Orchidvale Angelica Of Breskar Sh CM


I would like to thank the committee for their hospitality and for such a well organized show, also to my efficient stewards who helped the day run smoothly. MP (9,1) 1 Criag's Davircard Hester, beautifully neat and exceptionally well balanced dark tri who has perfect bone and substance for her size, super tight well knuckled feet. Excellent topline and set-on, feminine head and expression, moved totally soundly both ways with sparkle and presence. I was delighted my co-judge was in complete agreement for her to be awarded BP. 2 Parker and Stevens' Serenaker Daydream, another quality bitch who has a lovely stylish presence. Very pretty head with a kind eye and soft expression, lovely neck and shoulder flowing into a good topline, lovely free flowing action on the move. P (4) 1 Jones' Clairdale Damia, extremely feminine little girl who has the sweetest of head and expression, good clean lines that flow nicely. Very stylish mover in profile. Just needs to body through which I'm sure she will in her own time. 2 Dean's Gimping Ballet, nice smart outline, shown in lovely condition and at a good weight. Lovely chiselled head shape with a sweet expression, nice clean neck and shoulder. J (11,3) This was in my opinion one of the overall strongest classes of the day. 1 Jones and Jepson's Eardley Jay Walking, lovely t/w girl who is 100 per cent balanced, she has a lovely eyecatching outline particularly when shows free, which is when she really is at her best. Very nicely put together and pleased me with her overall confirmation on the table. Super quarters and bend of stifle which gives her a lovely driving action in profile, foot perfect both ways. RCC. 2 Craig's Davicard Musetta, pushed 1 hard, another quality girl who is really well made with super clean lines that flow really well. Beautifully feminine head with a lovely eye and expression. Stylish mover who really covers the ground well. At only just 12 months, today lost out to 1 on maturity alone as I would like to see her with a little more body which she will of course develop and as she matures. Y (7,1) 1 Jones and Jepson's Eardley Merry Berry, very neat compact little bitch with correct bone for her size, super firm level topline and correct tail carriage. Moved positively both ways. 2 Cuthill's Divinebrae Pop My Cork, lovely shaped head with a true Beagle like soft eye and expression, Nice front assembly with super neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Super free flowing profile movement, was more settled in front in this her second class than in her previous class. N (4,1) 1 C Damia. 2 Brown's Raimex Reed Bunting, this young lady has so many qualities nonetheless than her beautiful head and expression, however, it has to be said does not at the moment help her handler at all! Her movement was not very settled but that I feel is very likely due to her behaviour on the day, I'm sure she will settle down and cooperate more as she gets older. G (9) 1 Burrows' Summerlily Made In Oz, very sound girl who moved true both ways, nicely put together, so pleasing to go over on the table. Good neck and shoulder that flow into clean bodylines, well sprung ribs. 2 Taylor's Deaconfield Innocence, similar type to 1, pleasing head and expression, nice short coupled through the body giving a lovely balanced outline when stacked. Lovely strong quarters with a good second thigh. PG (8,4) 1 Statham's Annavah Allegro at Brigam, a really nicely put together bitch with correct bone and substance for her size. Not necessarily the most glamorous bitch in the ring but nevertheless a really good honest girl who has a lovely outline. Moved with drive to cover the ground well. 2 D Innocence. ML (8,1) 1 Player's Lyndex Infinity, very smart blanket tri who is so nicely balanced and really fills the eye when stacked. Nicely chiselled head with beautiful expressive eyes, nice through the body with well sprung ribs, good bone and lovely feet. 2 Havard's Annavah Honeydew, lovely rich t/w bitch who really comes to life on the move, with her lovely free flowing profile movement and her happy personality. Lovely neck and well laid shoulders, good depth of chest. L (12,3) 1 Spavin's Dufosee Nabrina with Dialynne, nicely balanced girl who is really pleasing over the neck, shoulder and front construction, this allows her to move with reach, which she did once she settled on the move. Level topline and nicely made quarters with a super bend of stifle which complete the picture on the stack. 2 Nedlaw Beryl, totally different type to the one above as she is more scopey in type, has a lovely scopey free flowing movement in profile with her lovely reach and drive which really took my eye when moving around the ring. Her construction is sound so is nice to go over on the table, handled to perfection, very close to 1. O (7,1) 1 Kritopha's Ch Bayard Forget Me Knot, I am very aware it's all been said before about this girl, however, I was so impressed by her on the table, her overall construction is just a dream to go over and everything is exactly where it should be. She had the correct bodyweight her frame as I have seen her shown slightly heavier at times which in my opinion which doesn't suit her. Exceptional quarters with lovely bend of stifle and good second thigh which really help her to move with such drive in profile. True Beagle expression, one her owner has every reason to be so proud of. Both myself and co-judge were both in perfect agreement she should be awarded BIS. 2 Parker and Stevens' Ch Serenaker Fashion, another really classy rich t/w who has so much style. Beautiful feminine head and expression which is chiselled to perfection. Lovely clean neck and shoulder lines which flow into a ramrod topline which she keeps at all times. Has such presence on the move. I personally would like to see her with just a touch more body to fill and balance her frame. V (11,1) 1 Butters and Theobald's Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar, this old lady is a total credit to her owner, she is still in super condition and moves with such energy making her a joy to watch in profile with her effortless driving action which is so impressive her 12 years. Sweet head and expression, nicely kept body shape. Delighted for her to go BV. 2 Roderick's Barterhound Razzle, really nicely made bitch who also has a lovely free flowing driving action that really covers the ground in profile. Pleasing head with an appealing expression. Also has kept her figure well.

Jane May


Saturday 13th February 2016

Judge: Mr Dick Morrison (Bowerswell)

BEST IN SHOW: Shercroft Apollo

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Eardley Jay Walking

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway


1st - Annavah Leonardo Da Vinci

2nd - Gladstyle Rock Icon



1st - Shercroft Apollo


1st - Jarrowley Devonport


1st - Shercroft Apollo

2nd - Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud

3rd - Borerst Cyclone


1st - Blunderhall Ray of Hoe

2nd - Bondlea Legion JW

3rd - Deconfield Informer


1st - Gladstyle Storm Trooper

2nd - Stormpasture Trumps Image

3rd - Barterhound Tudor for Valsacre

Res - Kernebridge Bombardier

VHC - Bjornhagen Lemon Verbena


1st - Deaconfield Governor

2nd - Annavah Felix

3rd - Southistle Educate From Charterwood

Res - Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli Sh CM

VHC - Barterhound Garrison

BEST DOG: Shercroft Apollo  RES BEST DOG: Deaconfield Governor  BEST PUPPY: Annavah Leoardo Da Vinci


1st - Charterwood Highlight


1st - Eardley Jay Walking

2nd - Molesend Query

3rd - Annavah Knick knack

Res - Charterwood Fascinate

VHC - Blunderhall Adora


1st - Annavah Image

2nd - Shercroft Arina

3rd - Eardley Merry Berry

Res - Barterhound Gossip

VHC - Alffadais Patience


1st - Molesend Query

2nd - Shercroft Arina

3rd - Franjean Check Me Out At Fairleedale(IMP)

Res -  Madika Spot On

VHC - Stormpasture Musette


1st - Annavah Honeydew

2nd - Shercroft Arina

3rd - Barterhound Gossip

Res - Aladais Patience

VHC - Tiger Lily Blossom


1st - Stormpasture Jasmine at Rosroden

2nd - Moonjoon Lily of The Valleys For Houndscoast

3rd - Broadshore Vedette At Molesend

Res - Newlin Inkspot At Fairleedale

VHC - Barterhound Treasure At Awreridge


1st - Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhall

2nd - Clairdale Willomena Sh CM

3rd - Springpine Hot Gossip

Res - Closehills Turning Leaf Of Macall Sh CM

VHC - Southistle Penny Locket From Charterwood


1st - Annavah Alpine

2nd - Bondlea Dove

3rd - Deaconfield Gaiety

Res - Valsacre Vista JW

VHC - Butterow Oriole


1st - Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

2nd - Orchidvale Angelica Of Breskar Sh CM 

3rd - Barterhound Rosebud At Madika JW Sh CM AW(B)

Res - Bedeway Almond

VHC - Macall Tansy At Bjornhagen

BEST BITCH: Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway  RES BEST BITCH: Annavah Alpine  BEST PUPPY: Eardley Jay Walking


Open show: I must thank the club officers and committee for giving me the opportunity to judge their breed open show and for their hospitality. This club run their shows very proficiently but with the emphasis of the exhibitors and dogs always to the fore. They are called the friendly club and this was prevalent through them achieving a happy and sporting atmosphere throughout the show. I must also thank my two stewards Kath and Nick for keeping things running smoothly and to the exhibitors for their lovely entry of 94 dogs giving 109 entries and for accepting my decisions in a very sporting manner. There were absentees but I had enough depth of quality particularly in the bitches to judge. I can only reiterate my thanks for your support and wish yourselves and the dogs every success in the future. The ring was spacious and as I like an animated ring I had more than enough space to assess the dogs on the move without restriction. My overall observations were that the breed has no problems with temperaments as all typified the merry hound attribute. I was pleased to see males looking males and bitches showing femininity, dentition was also pleasing and very few had an overweight problem. All had good coats. On the negative side front action was somewhat disappointing in that some were paddling or plaiting and in profile lacked the desired front extension, rear action was better in that a large number had rear drive. DOGS: MPD (5,3) 1st and 2nd were tri colours, the winner being Havards Avannah Leonardo Da Vinci, he was pleasing in head properties with a defined stop and soft expression, he had tidy dentition, A1 pigmentation, good length of ear and suitable neck length, he was tidy in front assembly with good straight well round boned legs, spirit level topline and gradual underline, he has good hind assembly muscle tone and his rear is well angulated, his tail is correctly set and carried, to be critical I would like tidier compactness of feet but he is a youngster that was well presented  and today was my BPD. 2 Coates Gladstyle Rock Icon he is an out and out baby but he really pleased for size, head shape, neck length, overall construction and he is compact, he was just not as composed as the first hence his placing. JD (3,2) 1 Hunts Shercroft Apollo he stood alone here but for me he exudes quality, he is very much a male, T&W in colour, it could be argued he is somewhat strong in head but he has a male head with a defined stop, cushioned muzzle, tidy pigmentation, dark eyes, he has an excellent reach of neck, depth of chest, well sprung ribs and supple loin, his front assembly is second to none as was his rear assembly, he carries his tail well and where he comes into his own is on the move where his sound free movement is very pleasing via his A1 front reach and rear drive, his handler has to work hard to keep up with him, he later won graduate dog which I am led to believe gave him his JW, he was my BD and BIS, he was a pleasure to judge. ND (2,1) 1 Tofts Jarrowley Devonport, a tri with character, loved his temperament, his head needs to develop, he is pleasing in structure and round bone, he excels in neck and was pleasing in rear action, when he develops his outline profile will improve, he is a smart young male who was well put down. GD (4,1) 1 Shercroft Apollo. 2 Moorby and Whites Merrilynn get off my cloud, tri who pleased in head and expression, he was well presented, had A1 bone, he moved positively, I particularly liked his rear driving action. 3 Roberts Borerest Cyclone. PGD (3) 1 Hardistys Blunderhall Ray of Hope, strong in head properties, soft in expression, good dentition, low set and well carried ears, tidy neck length, I liked his body properties and profile outline shape, he is very balanced which edged him the class, he scores in bone, muscle tone, he has no exaggerations and his presentation was AI, he covers the ground soundly and with ease. 2 Ambridges Bondlea Legion JW, he is an all male tri, strong in head shape, well cushioned in muzzle, has a pleasing expression, tidy neck length, liked his overall assembly, has good round bone, body condition and muscle tone, he moves out well  but can give his handler a hard time, his front action was just not as tidy as the first today. 3 Taylors Deaconfield Informer. LD (5) This was a mixed class for size, shape and gaiting, 1st Gladstyle Storm Trooper, this tri was the soundest in the class, he is of good size, pleasing in head shape, expression and low set ears, I liked his outline shape and his strong front and rear assemblies, he responds well to his handler and she most certainly gets the best out of him. 2 Davies Stormpasture Trumps Image, very flashy marked tri, as with first very tidy in shape, he has clean sharp lines, is very stylish on the move, he was close up and could change places with the first on another day, he was well presented and handled. 3 Hargraves Barterhound Tudor for Valsacre. OD (7,2) 1 Taylors Deaconfield Governor, this tri got better and better as the class progressed, he has a very good head piece, lovely expression, tidy dentition, he scores in neck length, true front assembly, body properties, he has a well angulated and conditioned rear assembly, he has no exaggerations and is what I term an honest dog, when he settled his movement in profile was a joy to watch with excellent front reach and rear drive, this dog could go all day, he was my RBD, later in the challenge for RBIS he was not as animated nor composed and therefore lost out for this award to the delightful veteran BB. 2 Havards Annavah Felix, this tri has a good head with lovely markings, he is very cleanly marked and is in A1 condition, he has similar attributes to the first, today he was not as sharp as the first in rear action, he is eye catching particularly when gaiting in profile, this exhibitor works hard with her dogs to get the best from them, this one will continue to develop. 3 Philpotts Souththistle Educate from Charter Wood. VD (1,1) I was advised that the dog entered had recently passed away. I feel I would wish to express my condolences to the owners as this exhibit had been a true ambassador for the breed, I had seen him show and he was a very worthy champion, my disappointment was I did not get the chance to judge this quality old timer he being  CH Bedeway Artful. BITCHES: MPB (4,3) Philpotts Charterwood Highlight, 6 months old tri who is an out and out feminine girl, has a very soft expression, clean head markings and dark pigmentation, good reach of neck, well off for body development, lovely topline, well constructed, tight compact feet, was a bit apprehensive but when she gets her confidence her tail will be carried correctly as it is well set and strong, she was sympathetically handled, deserved her first. PB (8) This was a pleasing well contested class. I particularly liked the first three. 1 Jones and Jepsons Eardley Jay Walking, this tan and white is of beautiful make and shape, her balanced outline is to die for, she is ultra feminine, has a delightful head shape, expression and pigmentation, she is well put together and this is proven as when gaiting she is as sound as a bell from all angles, she was beautifully presented and expertly handled in this class and later go BPB and ultimately BPIS, one I will keep an eye on. 2 Goldbergs Molesend Query this tri was not disgraced here, she is also ultra feminine, she is not as developed as the first but is a very pleasing exhibit, she has good head properties, lovely neck length, A1 front assembly, good body shape, tidy rear angulation, I liked her tail set and carriage, she was well put down and very sympathetically handled here and later to win a good novice class. 3 Havards Avannah Knick Knack another pleasing exhibit from this kennel. These three will have enjoyable shows competing with each other in the future. JB (6,1) another well contested class where the first three again will change places in the future. 1 Havards Annavah Imagine, very feminine tri girl who is exceptionally well marked, she excels in profile outline, has a delightful head and expression, has very tidy front and rear assemblies, she was beautifully put down and handled, she scored in sound front reach and strong rear drive, as with all this exhibitors charges she was squeaky clean. 2 Hunt Norris and Carmichaels Shercroft Arina, I thought she was a very tidy tan mottle, who had a number of similar attributes, I just felt she was just not as balanced as the first, she was well handled, another that can cover the ground with ease. 3 Jones and Jepsons Eardley Merry Berry, this was another very tidy exhibit, I thought she was going to be my winner, her movement is clean but I felt she just lacked the scope of the first two, as usual from her owners she was exceptionally well presented.
NB 7(1) I again liked the first three here. 1 Molesend query. 2 Shercroft Arina. 3 Hartlands Franjean Check me out at Fairleedale (Imp), very well put down exhibit, good for size, liked her gaiting and outgoing temperament, she responds well to her handler and was not disgraced by this placing. GB (13,4) Again I was splitting hairs in the placings. 1 Havards Annavah Honey dew, she is only a puppoy but I thought she was delightful, A1 in make, shape and balance, has a very pleasing head shapeand expression, I really thought she was gorgeous, she has lovely tight feet and effortlessly covered the ground soundly. In later challenges she was handled but not by her usual handler and was just not as settled, this is one for the future, again from this exhibitor beautifully put down and presented, another I will keep an eye on. 2 Shercroft Arina. 3 Rodericks Barterhound Gossip, pleasing bitch that showed and moved well throughout. PGB (11,2) This was a good class. 1st Vickers Stormpasture Jasmine at Rosroden, this lightly marked tri was a very balanced exhibit, she has a lovely head piece, A1 expression, lovely neck length, sufficient depth of chest, very well constructed front and rear assemblies, held her level topline at all times, covered the ground easily and with aplomb, everything just fits into her construction jigsaw, well put down and handled, close up today for top honours. 2 Websters Moonjoon Lily of the Valleys for Houndcoast, she is certainly more compact than her name, she was off a slightly smaller mould, is very feminine, very compact, she was well handled and she is very attentive to her handler, she moves with good front reach and rear drive, I just preferred the firsts head properties. 3 Goldbergs Broadshore Vedette at Molesend, very feminine bitch on the same mould as the second and who was beautifully handled and presented, she gave her all to her handler throughout. LB (9,2) 1 Hardistys Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhall, this tri exudes quality, she scores in make, shape and balance, has a very good head piece, A1 pigmentation, soft expression, loved her compact feet, sound vivacious movement and personality, beautifully put down and handled, another that was close up for top honours. 2 Jones Clairedale Willomena, tri bitch of a smaller mould, she is very feminine, has a pleasing head and expression, suitable length of neck, well put together construction wise, moved steadily, just lost out as does not have the front reach of the first nor the momentum due to this, she was well presented, she like the first was pleasing to judge. 3 Caneys Springpine Hot Gossip another very smart tri, who at times was a little unsettled but she is sound and was beautifully put down and close up to those above. OB (7,1) This was a mixed class headed by Havards Avannah Alpine, a tri that is very flashy marked, loved her make and shape, delightful head, A1 pigment and expression, very good neck length, ideal body properties, sound front and rear assemblies and resultant correct movement, again handled and put down to perfection, in good company was my RBB. 2 Hunts Bondlea Dove another quality exhibit, a tri with very similar attributes, today just not as settled as the first, they will meet in the future and change places as there is little between them, she as the first was handled and put down to perfection. 3 Taylors Deaconfield Gaiety a pleasing exhibit. VB (12,2) What can I say other than it was an absolute privilege to judge this class, all were a credit to their owners and the breed, and boy did they at the end enjoy the sausages. 1 Conways Barterhound Begonia at Bedeway, very lightly marked T&W who is eight and a half years young, has a delightful, character, temperament and mind of her own, scores in head properties, shape, balance and A1 front and rear gaiting, I found out later she is the daughter of CH Bedway Artful and she is a credit to him and obviously her CH Barterhound mother, she is therefore bred in the purple and is a credit to the breed and her owners, her tail is like a metronome, she uses it at all times and she stands four square either free standing or stacked, she has a terrific rapport with her handler, it was a joy to award her BVB and later BB and RBIS. 2 Theobald and Butters T&W Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar, a favourite of mine, I have done her well in the past and for me she is a quality eleven year old vintage  with simIlar attributes as the first, her profile outline is delightful and she gives her all to her handler, this was a very well contested class and she only lost out to a bitch in top form, this girl is a credit to her owners and the breed and must like the first be a delight to show and live with. 3 Ardens Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW Sh cm Aw (B) this tri free stands and shows non stop for her handler.

Dick Morrison